After Holiday Energy

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I had a lovely holiday. Central California was cooler than normal but a whole lot warmer than the -30 C we’ve had in Saskatchewan for weeks and weeks. There are mutterings that this has been the coldest winter, here, in 80 years. Maybe it is, but it always feels that way in February.

After getting over some initial travel exhaustion I was excited to get back to my work. I started with a few more altered book pages. And today, I got back to revising my time travel novel, The Chronos Project.

While I was away, we visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was delighted to see some brilliant work. It made me want to paint large again. Will I? We’ll see. For the next week, I suspect I’ll continue with my sketchbook work.

Large paintings make a big impact, especially on huge white gallery walls, but there’s a lot to like about small paintings. They create a feeling of intimacy I like. I suspect that small works are considered ‘Women’s’ work, and that’s okay. It’s well past time to look at women’s work more carefully.

3 thoughts on “After Holiday Energy

  1. Some of these latest pieces make me think of quilts for some reason. Also, you inspired me with your talk of doing larger pieces again. I generally do zentangle drawings on very small tiles or in a small sketchbook, but last night I did one on 8 3/4″ x 11 1/2.


    1. Yay! I’m glad you decided to try a bigger artwork, but small is good too. Long ago I worked by pasting bits of paper, usually torn from newspaper and phonebooks, onto a surface and layer them with floods of paint. I always thought those pieces related to patchwork, which is an amazing art all by itself.


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