Making Poetry When You Havent a Clue


I’m sorry to leave you with so little today, but I’m about to leave the frozen north and I have very little time to write.

I want to you know that I haven’t a clue how to write poetry, but I do know that a certain ambiguity and wonderful words are part of it. This week I created another altered book page, and I “Austin Kleon’d” it. Austin Kleon is a young writer who, among other things, writes poetry by redacting newspaper or magazine articles. Look him up. He’s a very wise young man.

Lord Johnnie, the adventure novel I’m altering was published in 1949. The language is florid in comparison to our current tastes, and somehow I ended up with this rather dark bit of writing. Since the images I’ve made have taken on a dark tone, I decided to go with it.

2 thoughts on “Making Poetry When You Havent a Clue

  1. Love this piece with the ravens! Also re poetry, yes it is much different than writing prose. We can talk about that some time over coffee! Happy travels.


    1. Thank you for the good travel wishes. On the one hand I’m so grateful for air travel, on the other hand it can be such a hassle. Still I’m excited to visit my family and I can’t wait to breathe in the sea air. We’ll get together and talk about writing poetry soon.


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