Character Sketch

 I am lucky enough to have an away studio–a space I rent from another artist–and a small home studio. Paintings are stored in both places wherever I can find room for them. There is a tidy stack in front of the treadmill, which shares my home studio space.

One of the paintings I look at while I’m doing my daily mile is a large work made up entirely of small bits of paper that have been washed over with acrylic paint and metallic gold powder. The effect is as though you are looking at leaves strewn on a watery surface.

My eyes are always looking for form. It’s kind of like looking for creatures in the forms of the clouds above. One day while walking I saw a little figure, and then another, and another. One figure in particular spoke to me and I later decided to draw her on some stained paper. The side view is the first drawing I made. When I’d done that, I needed to see her from the front.

There’s a mystery about her that I find intriguing. Perhaps one day she’ll show up in one of my stories.

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