Better Than You Thought

Time distance makes such a difference to your perception!

When I received a gift of a new laptop for my birthday, I was left with a perfectly usable but older laptop with some USB issues. That laptop made me feel guilty because though I love new tech, I hate rampant materialism. I wanted to give that laptop to someone who would be happy to have it.

I found that someone, but it required me to mail it to another city. Okay, no problem. But how to protect it while Canada Post had their way with it. Surely, I had some bubble-wrap somewhere.
I found some, wrapped around a roll of old paintings. (In my house, almost every bedroom closet and all available spaces are filled with paintings.)

I unwrapped the roll of paintings labelled Lilith series part II and found the above works. I created them circa 1995-97. Two of them each measure 31″ by 96″ and the other is 31″ x 108″. All are acrylic and collage on canvas.

I’m surprised to find that they’re quite good. Amazing what a little time and emotional distance can do. I’ve had a couple of experience like that lately. Not long ago I read an old story and thought. Wow! That’s pretty good.

So, don’t be hating the stuff you made. It isn’t fair to you and to the creations. Keep working, it’s the only thing you never run out of, the work. And the work is really where it’s at.

Mind you it’s nice to be a little surprised, now and again, at how you nailed it.

4 thoughts on “Better Than You Thought

  1. Eve, I enjoy your nuggets of wisdom. I have files of old writing, some of which I may never look at or use again, but others I may – who knows.


    1. Someday you’ll look at them and think, “Now this is brilliant. Where did that come from?” Or you’ll think of something even better and work on that. I’m convinced you’ll continue making some good work!


  2. Hey- thanks for sending these. I especially like the 3rd painting. Need to catch up with a visit. A lot of my time is now spent at the barn with Tinman my new (12 year old) horse 🙂 I ride on Mon,Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat or Sun at 10 am so mostly coming home dirty at 12:30 or 1. Makes it difficult to do lunch. Often go on the Golden Eagles outings on Thursdays and have been waking up from hibernation and taking Hayseed to the SciFi Vet camp. It’s lovely- Instructors often volunteer at LSWR and get hugs from my old campers. They are done now. We’re at Waskesui till Monday- will call when I’m home. Miss you.

    Melanie Elliott, Retired Ecological Educator Bat Rescue and Release Home for Batrick and Elizabat ^..^ ^..^


    1. It’s wonderful that you have so many things you love to do. One of my grandchildren visited recently and everyone loved our visit to Beaver Creek, even though the wind was fierce. We enjoyed the Saskatoon berries and especially the chickadees that feed out of our hands. My other granddaughter is learning to ride. It’s a pony for now, but she loves it. I look forward to hearing from you. So glad your life is full.


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